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Jarrod Smith strength coach at  Winnipeg Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic

Jarrod Smith

Education and Experience 

Jarrod is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Winnipeg studying a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree. His experience growing up playing high level hockey including AAA, Team Manitoba NAHC, and junior levels have exposed him to elite coaching for off-ice training and conditioning, further adding to his knowledge for hockey training specifics. Jarrod also has experience as a physiotherapy rehabilitation aide, as well as on ice coaching of U-16 amateur & AAA goaltenders. Certifications include respect in sport and NCCP making ethical choices.

Camp goals/Personal information 

Jarrod has been brought on as an off-ice training assistant for the spring/summer Legend Hockey Camps. His love for the game of hockey and experience at high levels aides his knowledge of the work it takes to reach the highest levels of hockey and be competitive. Jarrod’s main goals are to provide education of form, techniques, and exercises to best aide in the athlete’s development of speed, power, strength, flexibility, and performance. 

Jarrod grew up in the West Interlake region of Manitoba and enjoying spending his spare time playing sports such as golf and hockey, while also enjoying the outdoors, as well as studying and working to further his knowledge in the world of rehabilitation and sport.

Winnipeg Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic
location Winnipeg Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic

Unit 4 - 997 Kapelus, West Saint Paul, Manitoba R4A 5A4, Canada

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM and Saturday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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